Why Businesses should monitor and secure mobile phones?

Internet usage is on the rise – thanks to advancements in technology. Mobile technology has become a game-changer in how business organizations run their operations, both small and large businesses are making efforts to maximize the advantages posed by this technology. A research conducted by Samsung indicates that mobile technology is becoming more essential in the workplace than never before (Waugh, 2019).  Mobile technology enables businesses to run operations with much ease; this is because the devices support remote communication, storing and analyzing of information shared.

However, business companies are faced with a major issue of safeguarding mobile phones. Business organizations have become dependent on the use of mobile computing to increase their performance as well as reach out to a more extensive client base. With the increase of popularity and significance of mobile computing in business operations, managers should find ways of ensuring that these devices are properly secured. Securing mobile phones in the workplace is not an easy task; this is due to their ease of portability. Dissatisfied employees and other malicious actors can easily steal these gadgets without being noticed. What should organizations do?

Apart from enforcing physical security controls, organizations should ensure that these mobile devices can be tracked and located when stolen.  Our app allows users to track mobile phones easily; this will aid in the recovery process in case of theft or loss.

In this digital age, business organizations have become dependent on the use of data. Data plays an integral part in the success of businesses; a company that can maximize the vast amounts of data collected is more likely to be successful. Mobile technology is now widely being applied in business organizations to store and manage data. The speeds at which mobile phones relay and receive information have made mobile computing the ideal technology for business processes. In a workplace environment, mobile phones are used to improve coordination by making communication and sharing of resources easier.

However, this technology can be used for the wrong purpose. For instance, employees may use these devices to communicate with their family and friends on matters that are not business-related. Employees can also use mobile phones to access social media platforms and other sites that have no business value to the organization. Just like any other technology, mobile phones can also cause distraction in any work environment. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the business managers to monitor the usage of mobile phones and ensure that they are only used for appropriate purposes. 

Businesses should also ensure that critical information shared and stored by mobile phones is properly guarded against unauthorized access. With cyber-attacks becoming more prevalent, companies have become more susceptible to attacks. Cyber-attacks can lead to loss of critical data and other assets that can cripple business operations. Protecting and securing access to critical business documents is mandatory. Our app is built with the latest security features that guarantee the security of data and information and helps keep mobile phones safe from threats (cyber-attacks), prevents data loss and monitors social media usage giving managers a comprehensive report.

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